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Site Hoardings

Make use of our amazing range of site hoardings and banners and give on-site security, privacy and proper exposure to your buildings under construction. As safety is the first priority, you can use our banners to put safety tips and instructions to ensure the safety of your workers. These hoardings will also work as a curtain for you to keep your work private.

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Building Wraps

If you are looking for smart ways to promote your business and want to renovate your space at the same time, then building wraps are a perfect way for you to do that. Our building wraps will cover your site under construction in a beautiful way and will also let you promote your business all at once.

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Scaffolding Wraps

Our amazing range of Scaffolding Wraps will change the whole look of your construction site and will cover it up with artworks and enticing ads. These wraps work as an effective marketing tool and will help you advertise your upcoming business in an attractive way.

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Temporary Hoardings

Temporary Hoardings can give you a number of benefits. You can cover up your work area to keep it private from the outsiders and you can promote your business and latest brands as well. You can also use these hoardings to display safety tips and instructions to guarantee the safety of workers on your construction sites.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you looking to decorate your construction sites with amazing text and graphics? At AA Printers, for construction sites, we are providing highly reliable construction banners. Through these banners, you can cover up your entire construction area. You can also use these banners on temporary fences on construction sites. They also ensure great safety of workers working on a construction site.  You can have construction banners with under construction signs, construction safety tips, signage symbols and any other marketing message you want to display on these. Also, we can print these banners to any big size. We have a capacity to print these banners having 165 feet in length and a height of 10 feet long in a single queue. If you have a larger construction site and require a single banner, we can join multiple banners with seamless joints and it seems like a single banner.  We are offering two types of banners for construction sites.

Vinyl Construction Banners

The first type of banners is Vinyl construction banners.  Vinyl banners are made up of block material and air cannot pass through them.  We are using a Vinyl of 510gsm thickness to provide you with long term durability. It will not tear up easily and meanwhile will make your marketing or social message look very attractive to your audience. Also they are waterproof and ink in fade resistant.

Mesh Construction Banners

The other option we are offering is Mesh construction banners. These banners are porous and air can easily pass through them. These banners are suitable for those construction sites where wind pressure is very high. Generally in open areas, Mesh banners are used. Strong wind passes through the pores and the banner will not tear up. The pores in Mesh banners will not be visible from a distance. The ink will not fade up with the passage of time and they are water proof. On construction sites, you can use these banners for signage purposes as well.

Free Designing Service

Here at AA Printers, we are providing free designing services to our clients. Even if you have multiple banners and have a requirement to design each of the banners differently, we can furnish separate designs for you. You also get unlimited redesigning services and we want to make you satisfy until you like and approve the final design. You need to pay only once, you approve the artwork. Our professional designers have a lot of years’ professional experience and they can design any masterpiece for you. You need to simply provide us with the details of your required artwork and within 30 minutes we will furnish the required design for you.


Order Processing System

Our order processing system is highly efficient and reliable. Throughout the order processing phase, we keep our customers informed. Once the order gets printed, we send the pictures of printed materials to our customers through auto-generated email notifications. Also once the order is out for delivery, we provide status of the shipment to our customers by sharing the tracking number with them that we obtain from our courier company.


Delivery Service

Our standard delivery timeframe is 4-6 business days. For urgent shipments, you can also avail our express delivery service. Through express delivery service, the required products will be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours after placing an order.


Printing Services

We print these banners with exciting colours, text and graphics. We print with state of the art 3.2m printing machines and a print of 1440dpi. We have 5 such printers in our production facility.


Our Work

Here on AA Printers website, you can check out the pictures of already designed and printed materials. These specimens will give you an idea that how your banner will look like. Moreover, you can check out the quality of our services through these specimens. We printed these for various companies and with our customers’ permission we posted them on our website.