Building Wraps

Building wraps are used on those construction sites where interior construction work is taking place. The outer surface is covered with building wraps with beautiful colours, graphics and text. Businesses can advertise them smartly with the help of these building wraps. You can display your company logo, advertisement, marketing message or anything else you want to display. AA Printers has a successful track record in providing services to big construction sites. Also we have a capacity to provide building wraps of any length. A single sheet has a length of 165 feet and a height of 10 feet. If you want to further increase the length, we can join building wraps together with seamless joints. Also you can have different building wraps for different areas of your construction site.


Building Wrap Solutions at AA Printers

We provide Vinyl building wraps which are made up of block material and air cannot pass through them. We use highly durable Vinyl of 510gsm thickness. They are recommended for those areas where wind pressure is low.

The other option is Mesh building wraps, they are porous and air or wind can easily pass through them. Their pores will not be visible from a distance.  They are recommended for those construction sites where wind pressure is very high.


Installation Service For Building Wraps

We can provide highly reliable installation service for building wraps. Our professional fitters have a lot years experience in providing installation service to a number of customers. We guarantee that by availing our installation services, the visibility of your building wraps will improve over. Also we ensure great finishing for your installation work.


Highly Reliable Designing Service For Building Wraps

You don’t have to waste your time in designing building wraps; we can design these for you within 30 minutes only. We want to design your building wraps that look really attractive to your customers. Here at AA Printers, designing service is absolutely free of cost. Also we facilitate our customers by having unlimited redesigning of their building wraps until they are fully satisfied with the final design.  You need to just provide us with the picture and text, you want to display on these. On obtaining the required details, we will furnish a professional design and send this over to you through an email.