Scaffolding Wraps

Scaffolding wraps  can change the entire look of your construction site with beautiful artwork, graphics, text or an advertisement. Businesses are using scaffolding wraps  as a very effective marketing tool. Inside, the construction work goes on and on outside, you can advertise your brand, any marketing message, your company logo or any other advertisement. You can also display signage for visitors or can display safety tips for on-site construction workers. Scaffolding wraps also ensure the privacy on the construction sites.  Here at AA Printers, we can provide you scaffolding wraps  of any size. Whether you want to cover up the entire building/construction area or any specific area of the construction site, we have all the solutions available for you. The single printing sheet would be 165 feet long and 10 feet in height. If you want to increase the length, we can join banners together with seamless joints.


Installation Service for Scaffolding Wraps 

We are providing highly reliable installation services. Our professional fitters have a number of years experience and can perform the required job for you with great finishing. If you want to book our installation service, please reach out us on the email: [email protected] or contact us on the phone no: 0161 408 4212. We will confirm your booking, as soon as we receive your request.


Free Designing Service    

We are providing absolutely free designing service to our customers. All you need to do is to provide us with the required details about your artwork, we will design and send it over to you within 30 minutes only. If you don’t like the design or require any changes in it, we can redesign the artwork for you. You get unlimited redesigning services until you are fully satisfied with the final design. You may rely on our professional team of designers. They can furnish any professional design for you with great designing expertise.