Site Hoarding

Printed site hoardings provide on-site security, privacy and a great appearance. For the workers who are working on a construction site, security is a major concern. Construction companies also used to display safety tips and security signage on printed site hoardings. Also, in most occasions companies need to have privacy during their construction work. These printed site-hoardings provide privacy as the outsider cannot see what is taking place inside the construction area.  A well-designed and printed site hoarding provides a professional impression to viewers. Also, they are a very reliable marketing tool. You can print your company logo, marketing message or any advertisement on them. We provide weatherproof and waterproof printed site hoardings. Also with the passage of time, ink will not fade up. We have a capacity to provide you with printed site hoardings of 165 feet long and having a height of 10 feet in a single queue. If you want to further increase the length or height, we can join printed site hoardings together with seamless joints.


Printed Site Hoarding Solutions at AA Printers

We have two options available here at AA Printers. The first available option is Vinyl banners. They are manufactured with block material and air cannot pass through them. Also, they have excessive thickness of 510gsm and will not tear up easily. Vinyl banners are recommended for those places where wind pressure is considerably low.

For those areas where wind pressure is very high, we recommend Mesh banners. These are porous banners and air can easily pass through them. From a distant place, the pores will not be visible.


Free Hemming & Eyelets

Hemming and eyelets are absolutely free of cost. We provide very durable hemming and eyelets services. Hemming is folded up to 1 inch from the outer surface, so it will not tear up easily. We can insert eyelets in all four corners of your printed site hoardings, so you can hang these easily.


Highly Efficient & Reliable Designing Service

You get free designing on the purchase of site hoarding banners. Our designers can design any professional design for you within a matter of 30 minutes. They have a lot of years experience in fulfilling the demands of a number of customers. Also, you get unlimited redesigning services until you are fully satisfied on the final design.